Welcome to the DuoWest website.
Now a 501c3 non-profit fully incorporated ensemble

At this time DuoWest after almost 10 years of incredible
concerts is on hiatus until the 2013-2014 season

DuoWest thanks its audience members, loyal fans and concert goers, our gracious house
concert hosts, the totally amazing composers who joined us in creating astonishing new music
on our journey thus far, our superb guest artists from a brilliant bass player in the Phoenix
Symphony who gave us the opportunity amazingly to perform the first performance of his
Sonata for Cello and Piano on our inaugural concert in 2004, we thank the tango dancers who
graced our stage  - and we give a bow to the  memorable mezzo
-soprano whose voice rang true
with us at the magnificent Taliesin West as well as
the many and various arts funding
organizations from Arizona and beyond
.  Sherry and I are so enormously grateful for all the
support and blood sweat and tears from
our Board.  DuoWest now looks forward with new
programs, new directions, new ideas and "a can't wait to hear" highly anticipated World
Premiere by one of the hottest composers populating the U.S.
taking place in 2013 - beginning
the next part of our journey.  Sherry and I will see you then!

All the best from DuoWest,
Sherry and Ian.

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Come on and  join us in 2013 and  hear the hippest, most exciting classical music experience in the
Phoenix area.  We look forward to you sharing the experience!
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Steve Sugihara
Like water on the edge of a waterfall
The sheer draw of a bow
Never the same, imagination pouring on the edge
Fresh innovation in unique venues
El sabor del sudeste*
on the edge with the percussive strike of a piano key
familiar and new, music to engage you
counted in any time, played at play pace,
DuoWest, cello and piano.
                 - Ian Ginsburg ©

*The flavor of the Southwest
A poem inspired
by our